The Republican Party has made significant inroads among white voters since the election of Barack Obama, the Pew Research Center reported on Friday. In three years, the GOP has made a 6 percent gain among non-Hispanic whites, with 52 percent now identifying as Republican. New York Times columnist Charles Blow point out that the greatest gains have been made among the poorest (10 percent), youngest (10 percent) and least educated (8 percent).

A report released Friday by the Pew Research Center found that the Republican Party has made tremendous gains in party affiliation among whites since President Obama took office. This would be understandable if the largest gains were among the wealthy, but they weren't. They were among the poor, the young and less educated — many of the same people who would be adversely affected by G.O.P. policies. (Blacks held relatively steady, and Hispanics fell.)

I guess if people with the money can convince you that destruction is a jobs program, anything is possible.

By contrast, the GOP made a modest 2 percent gain among non-Hispanic blacks and lost 6 percent of Hispanics. That last figure may well be the one to keep Republican strategists up at night.

Read Blow's entire column at the New York Times.


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