Good Fathers Don't Get Enough Shine


In a piece for Black America Web, Jeff Johnson says that when we talk too much about dads who aren't there, those who deserve praise get ignored. And he's taking the first step to fix that.

There are so many great fathers out there that seldom get the shine because we are so busy talking about the ones that are not there. Perhaps if we operated the other way, brothers who are MIA could see what real fathers look like even if they never had one.

So as I get out of here, just a few shout outs:

Sherod Thurman says about her dad ‎Kenneth Wilson: He's shown me so much over the past 16 years, including how to really treat a woman and how to be independent. While he may not be my biological "daddy", he has definitely been a father to me.

Taffani Holmes said that her father, Rufus Holmes, was never too busy for us and even though he never finished high school,  always had wisdom to share …

Family, if there is a man anywhere in your life who loves, supports, shows up and out of his children, use the entire week to let him know how much he means to you. And when someone tells you there are not enough real dads, tell them that they are not looking hard enough. Real fathers, stand up and take a bow. This is your week. Happy Father's Day.


Read Jeff Johnson's entire piece at BlackAmericaWeb.

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