A Massachusetts woman was reportedly fired after racially insensitive images surfaced online of her sons dressed as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman for Halloween.

Caitlin Cimeno reportedly posted photos of her sons, William Filene and Greg Cimeno, with the caption: "Happy Halloween from Zimmerman & trayvon (insert smiley face emoji here)," according to a piece by Myeisha Essex at BlackAmericaWeb.


Following the outrageous post, members of the social media world not only tracked her down, but eventually also her employer, who told a caller that she no longer worked there, reports show.

"The Massachusetts woman failed to realize that you can be easily tracked down if you post your full name, photos of your children at school, shots of your car with the license plate and selfies at work (duh!)," Essex writes. "After one Instagram user wrote, 'You ruined your life by posting those pics,' Caitlin quickly changed her profile name and deleted the racist shots. But sadly for her, it was too late."


Read more at BlackAmericaWeb.

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