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After repeated requests from The New York Post and other media outlets, the FBI has released the dossier kept on Michael Jackson. The file includes investigations into allegations of child molestation along with threats made against the singer's life. From The New York Post:

The FBI’s explosive, secret dossier on Michael Jackson was made public today and includes sickening — and surprising — allegations involving the kiddie-molestation raps against the superstar.

The sensational files on the late King of Pop — started after LA cops asked the federal agency to become involved in their sex probe of Jacko — include creepy new details of his antics with kids, specifically from a Canadian couple’s ride on the same train with him.

FBI files from 1992-1993 (PDF, 196 pages)

FBI files from Sept. 1993 to Aug. 1994 (PDF, 56 pages)

FBI files from Sept. 1993 to Oct. 1993 (PDF, 9 pages)

FBI files from Oct. 1995 to Jan. 1997 (PDF, 8 pages)

FBI files from Jan. 2004 to April 2004 (PDF, 41 pages)

FBI files from Sept. 2004 to Dec. 2004 (PDF, 5 pages)

FBI files from March 2004 to June 2005 (PDF, 18 pages)

Read more on the files at The New York Post

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