Delrawn Small
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The family of a Brooklyn, N.Y., man who was shot dead by an off-duty New York City police officer in the midst of a road rage confrontation are demanding that the officer involved face charges or else they'll "hunt him down," the New York Post reports.

"We will seek our justice," Zoe Dempsey, the niece of the victim, Delrawn Small, told the Post. "This is war. I'm from Brooklyn. This is our neighborhood."


Small was killed after getting into an altercation with Officer Wayne Isaacs, who reportedly cut him off as he was driving with his girlfriend, their 4-month-old and her two daughters early Monday morning.

Police say that Small exited his vehicle and approached Isaacs, allegedly punching him twice, before Isaacs pulled out his service weapon and fatally shot the 37-year-old father.


Dempsey told the Post that she and her friend are "hunting [Isaacs] down" if justice isn't had.

“So if I’m going to find him, he’s going to get what he deserves. … If this hits trial and I have to pull up with my homies and we beat his ass, then I’m with that, too,’’ she said. “We want to be able to trust the NYPD. [Small] didn’t deserve to die like that. He didn’t deserve to be shot in front of his family.”


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