Former NFL player David Meggett is heading to prison.

ESPN is reporting that former NFL star David Meggett has been sentenced to 30 years in prison in South Carolina. Meggett was convicted of criminal sexual conduct and burglary involving an encounter with a college student at her house in North Charleston in January 2009. Meggett played six years with the New York Giants, three with the New England Patriots and one with the New York Jets. He had nearly 1,700 yards rushing and just over 3,000 receiving during his career. In 1998 Meggett was arrested in Toronto after authorities said he allegedly assaulted an escort worker after a three-way sexual encounter. A trial on the assault charge ended with a hung jury in April 2000. Meggett later worked as parks and recreation director in Robersonville, N.C., but resigned four years ago after he was accused of sexually assaulting his former girlfriend. He was convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery in 2007, receiving two years' probation in the North Carolina case. Authorities said he was allowed to move back to South Carolina to serve his probation. Convicted of sexual battery and getting special privileges in the process โ€” somehow we're not surprised about this latest incident. Shaking our heads over here at The Root.

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