Donald Trump: Executive Order Bans Syrian Refugees and Muslims From 7 Countries

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Exactly one week after being sworn in as president of the United States, a country founded by refugees escaping a tyrant in their home country, Donald Trump issued an executive order Friday indefinitely banning Syrian refugees and temporarily suspending Muslims from seven countries from entering the country.


According to the New York Times:

Declaring the measure part of an extreme vetting plan to keep out “radical Islamic terrorists,” Mr. Trump also established a religious test for refugees from Muslim nations: He ordered that Christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over Muslims.

My God. What is going on here?

Trump was at a signing ceremony at the Pentagon and said of Islamic terrorists, “We don’t want them here. We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country, and love deeply our people.”

More from the Times:

The executive order suspends the entry of refugees into the United States for 120 days and directs officials to determine additional screening ”to ensure that those approved for refugee admission do not pose a threat to the security and welfare of the United States.”

The order also stops the admission of refugees from Syria indefinitely, and bars entry into the United States for 90 days from seven predominantly Muslim countries linked to concerns about terrorism. Those countries are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.


The irony in all of this is that Orange Foolius signed the executive order after he issued a statement saying that Friday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Because yes, he is that fucking dumb.

Bloomberg also notes that Trump’s new ban doesn’t include majority-Muslim countries where the Trump Organization has done business or pursued potential deals, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


Because hypocrisy and conflict of interest.

I hope y’all are staying prayed up, because we as a country are fucking DOOMED.

Read more at the New York Times and Bloomberg.



I’m out of words. Just incoherent screaming at this point.