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I want you to have this song playing in the background as you read this post. It’s important:

We never have to question whether troubling news about our sitting president is going to break on a day that ends in “y” anymore. It is as inevitable as dusk and dawn at this point. It’s going to happen. We just have to wonder what that news is going to be.


On Wednesday the New York Times reported that Donald Trump has twice questioned witnesses about their discussions with special counsel Robert Mueller pertaining to the Russia investigation.

In the first instance, Trump is reported to have told a White House aide that White House counsel Donald F. McGahn II should issue a denial of a January Times article that said McGahn told investigators that the president asked him to fire Mueller.

McGahn not only did not issue the denial but reportedly later reminded the president that he had, in fact, asked McGahn to fire Mueller.

Trump is also alleged to have asked former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus how his interview had gone with investigators from the Mueller probe.


It bears repeating that if this were Barack Obama, they would have ousted him from the White House already.

Why does Donald Trump continue to get a pass?

This ho is acting up, and this Congress is letting him.

You have to wonder what it is going to take to get the impeachment process started, because Trump has demonstrated time and time again that he has no business in the Oval Office.


He does not even care about this country. His desire to ascend to the presidency had more to do with his ego than anything else.

Every day it’s something, and every day Congress turns a blind eye to it. At what point do the people revolt to get him thrown out of office?


I know the fear of a Mike Pence presidency may keep some people from acting on impeachment, but to be honest, he is complicit in all of this, and he should be ousted, too, as should House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Every day it’s something. I personally have had enough.

Haven’t you?

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.

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