Dimes Dropped: Lev Parnas Turns Over Thousands of Documents to Impeachment Investigators

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One imagines that President Trump and his best bud Rudy Giuliani are probably sleeping a little less easy tonight as one of their former associates has apparently flipped.


CNN reports that Lev Parnas, associate of Rudy Giuliani, has turned over photos, texts and thousands of documents to House impeachment investigators. Parnas, along with his partner Igor Fruman, are currently facing charges for utilizing straw donors to pump foreign money into US elections. The two of them also helped Giuliani on his quest for dirt on Former Vice President Joe Biden by facilitating meetings with Ukrainian government officials.

Parnas’ attorney, Joseph A. Bondy, went to Washington, DC over the weekend to deliver the contents of an iPhone 11 to Democratic staff on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. This included recordings, messages, photos and documents exchanged on the encrypted messaging app, WhatsApp. Bondy’s hope is that the materials will lead to House investigators interviewing Parnas so he can share information they believe will be useful for the impeachment inquiry. Parnas is hoping that if he can prove his value as a witness then he can hopefully obtain leniency with federal prosecutors in his own case. No word on what, exactly, was in the materials given to the investigators.

Look, the more folks start dropping dimes on the president, the better. I’m personally waiting to see what Giuliani’s next move is going to be. That man has an almost preternatural ability to snitch on himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if this drives him to go onto Fox News and admit to some more shit nobody asked him about. I’m also curious how useful Parnas’ evidence will be now that articles of impeachment are going to be sent to the Senate. It’s unclear how effective Sen. Mitch McConnell’s stonewalling on new evidence and witnesses is going to be, so Parnas’ documents could very well prove to be useful in the upcoming Senate trial.

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Isnt this a known tactic for obstruction of the prosecution though?

You dump a huge amount of paperwork, enough to take 50 people a year to properly analyse.

The idea being that you make the proescution push up against deadlines or push the decision to a time where it will have less impact (say after an election ) then there is still a pretty decent chance that incriminating evidence will simply be overlooked in the mass of banality, since no one individual will be able to read and absorb it all anyway.

Seems pretty obvious.

If he was really cooperating he’d be like

“Here. Here it is, the document you need to read. This one here.”