Diary of a Mad Fat Chick


Although "black aesthetics made it totally acceptable to have some extra padding on your package," Essence's Janelle Harris says that she's had enough of carrying unhealthy weight.

Historically, I have never been a thin chick. Never. I George Jefferson-walked right out of the children's department into a size 6 when I was in the fifth grade. I've always been on the thick side, even when I ran track back in high school. But I was at my smallest in college. I maintained that for as long as I could, until the off-kilter imbalance of too much socialization and not enough activity caught up with me. It's not that what I eat is all that bad. It's just that I eat too much. Because Black aesthetics make it totally acceptable to have some extra padding on your package, I didn't pay much attention to my beefy thighs or the love handles — I call them "kickstands" — rolling up on my sides. Now here I am, one Chick-Fil-A trip away from being an Ashley Stewart shopper.

But praise the Lord that I've made it to a new month and am on the verge of a new season, even though I'm in no rush to hurry summer away. Post-Labor Day seems like a good time to knock off some (but let's be real, not all) of these excess pounds and be healthier. Lighter. More spry. And able to fit into my jeans without pleading the blood of Jesus on the big red ring across my stomach from too-tight waistbands and exhaling two hallelujahs to be able to sit down in them. Writing this holds me to a commitment and solidifies my intention. But, if somewhere along the line, I steal your biscuit off your plate, just be patient and pray for me. I'm in transition.


Read Janelle Harris' entire piece at Essence.com.

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