Sudhana Singh (The U.K. Telegraph)

Sudhana Singh, the former headmistress of a United Kingdom primary school, told an employment tribunal that parents worked to oust her because of her ethnicity, the Telegraph reports. She said she experienced "deeply rooted racist view" when she took over, and things only got worse when she began a campaign to address the bigotry she was experiencing. She testified that one man was heard saying that a "bloody Indian woman should not be in charge of our children" — and even the children gossiped that their parents "hated blacks."

From the Telegraph:

Traumatised Mrs Singh, a teacher with 20 years experience, claimed that she experienced "deeply rooted racist views" when she took over as headteacher of Moorlands Primary School in Reading, Berks.

One supporter of the unpopular head was branded a "Paki lover," the tribunal heard.

Mrs Singh is suing the local authority and the Governors of Moorlands Primary School after she claims she was subjected to a campaign of unlawful race discrination, bullying and harassment.

"I believe that the campaign to remove me from my post was, in substantial part, related to my ethnic origins," she said in her statement read by the tribunal in Reading …


The "deeply entrenched racist views of the parents" were highlighted during a discussion a member of staff had with a group of pupils, the panel heard.

One child said that "his Dad hates blacks". This view was seconded by another child.

When the pupils were asked about famous black personalities like Michael Jackson they were alleged to have said to the staff member: "If you like them (black people) then he was walking out of the classroom." The student then did this.


Feeling she would receive no support from the governors she contacted Reading Borough Council about "deep seated " and "endemic" racism at the school and a complaint was lodged.

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