Cops Suspended After Failing to Check Up on Pregnant NYC Mother Who Was Later Found Dead

Tonie Wells with her husband, Barry Wells (Facebook via New York Post)
Tonie Wells with her husband, Barry Wells (Facebook via New York Post)

On Wednesday morning, two police officers were dispatched to a home in New York City’s Brooklyn borough to check on a pregnant 22-year-old mother who was scared of her husband.


But the two officers never got out of their car, the New York Post reports.

The woman, Tonie Wells, was found later that morning at the bottom of a basement stairwell in her Crown Heights home with bruising on her neck. In an earlier report, the New York Post noted that neighbors reported hearing Wells’ 2-year-old crying and found the young mother’s body.

Now the officers have been suspended as the New York City Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau investigates why they appeared to blow off the 911 call. Wells’ 29-year-old husband, Barry Wells, was arrested several hours after her body was found.

A source told the Post in the earlier report that the cops “completely shit-canned the job.”

“They didn’t even go up to the house,” a source told the paper. “If they did, they would have seen her.”

Officials confirmed that officers had responded to a previous domestic incident at the Wells’ house.


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Please observe: this woman was married and pregnant and still not worth protecting. America 2017.