Colt 45 Under Attack by Maryland's Attorney General

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Pabst Brewing Co., the creator of Blast by Colt 45, has come under fire yet again for its "kid friendly" alcoholic beverage. Maryland's Attorney General Doug Gansler recently sent a letter to the Texas-based brewing company, asking them to halt production and sales of the product that he claims is being marketed as a "binge-in-a-can."

"At a time when we're fighting to prevent underage and binge drinking, we call upon Pabst to rethink the dangers posed by Blast," Gansler said in a statement. The attorneys general for 16 states and territories also co-signed the letter, along with the city attorney of San Francisco.

Blast was introduced by Pabst earlier this month in four fruit flavors, with an alcohol content of 12 percent. Gansler feels that the drink's sweet flavors, bright colors and endorsement by Snoop Dogg make it more appealing to minors.  


The media-watchdog group Industry Ears recently attacked the brewing company for its dirty marketing tactics as well. Pabst argues that the company is targeting older customers, and Snoop is not endorsing the drink for the money but, rather, is someone who enjoys drinking the beverage. 

Gansler's attacks against the company are completely justified. This company is clearly targeting young kids — blacks specifically — with its hip endorsement and cheap prices. No adult is interested in drinking a bright and fruity drink unless it involves being on vacation and sipping from a glass with an umbrella in it. It will only be a matter of time before Colt 45 faces the same fate as Four Loko

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