Chicago Cop Accused of Beating Black Woman in Handcuffs Owns Several Racist Web Domains: Report

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The city of Chicago is set to pay out yet more money to yet another victim of its abusive police force—the same city in which taxpayers doled out nearly a quarter billion dollars during a four-year span—but that’s a whole other story.


In one of the latest payout cases, lawyers for Patassa Johnson—who alleges that she was viciously beaten by Chicago Police Sgt. George Granias while she was in handcuffs after a 2014 incident in which she was pulled over for drunken driving—say that Granias owns a slew of racist website names.

CBS Chicago reports that the altercation, which occurred in the 11th District police station in 2014, led to a federal lawsuit in which Johnson, a black woman who, like, say, Sandra Bland, dared defy police, so incensed Granias that he abused his power and beat her while she was restrained.

“She was beat up at the police station by a Chicago police sergeant because she was a vocal black woman,” says Brendan Shiller, Johnson’s attorney.

But on top of that, attorneys uncovered domain names bought by Granias that begin with the n-word, such as “” and “,” in addition to sites like “,” “” and, in a not-so-subtle dis to Illinois’ former governor, “,” the Daily Beast reports.


“His hobby is apparently buying names of racist websites,” the attorney says.

Johnson’s case was ultimately settled with the city for $185,000 (currently awaiting approval by the City Council), and the charges dropped against Johnson, but this is scant justice, according to the medical assistant.


“He needs to be fired. If he’s fired, then I’m happy because I know he will not be able to do it to anyone else,” she says.


The Chicago Police Department has reportedly opened an internal investigation into the websites, and Granias is still very much a full-time officer in the CPD.

Read more at CBS Chicago and the Daily Beast.

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