Boo Birds Greet O'Reilly at Sharpton Convention


Strange as it may seem, Bill O'Reilly did not find lots of supporters at Rev. Al Sharpton National Action Network convention. Dr. Boyce Watkins reports:

While I have found forgiveness for O'Reilly, the strong members of the National Action Network have not. O'Reilly came into the convention and received polite applause after being introduced by Rev. Sharpton. One thing that O'Reilly could have done to keep the peace is simply keep his mouth shut. Instead, he actually decided to speak, which is just a very bad thing for him in general.

O'Reilly went into a diatribe about how race was left behind after 9/11 and his same old O'Reilly antics of discounting the struggle for Civil Rights in America. I am not sure if O'Reilly was simply being candid or trying to deliberately anger the audience. Either way, they weren't going for it. He was booed by those in attendance, and the appearance didn't seem to go over very well at all. The audience with the National Action Network is not the kind of group that will quietly sit and allow you to disrespect them. They will bite your head off if they are unhappy.

Beyond the presence of Bill O'Reilly, the conference has been outstanding. If you have not thought about attending in the past, I recommend coming by in the future.

SOURCE: Black Voices