Damon Young writes:

While the vast majority of the black people I know date/marry other black people, I personally know more black women my age with white boyfriends/husbands than black men my age with white girlfriends/wives…and I bet most of you do too. 

Actually, for me, using “more” is somewhat misleading because, well, I don’t know any. I mean, I know they exist. I occasionally hear about them on NPR, sometimes I’ll see one or two waiting for jitneys outside of Giant Eagle, and apparently this is all the rage out West, but I do not personally know any urban, educated, and employed black guys—basically, bougie black guys like me—who date white women. Not one.


But, I know at least 10 black women with those traits who are currently dating or married to white men.

I’m not pointing this out because I think this is a bad thing. Or a good thing. Or an inbetween thing. It’s just a thing I’ve noticed…

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