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Black TV Watch: W. Kamau Bell on Mixed-Race Babies

W. Kamau Bell on Conan (
W. Kamau Bell on Conan (

(The Root) — On Thursday night the level of intrigue got ramped up even higher on the Shonda Rhimes-produced series. And later that night, Conan matched wits with rising funnyman and fellow talk-show host W. Kamau Bell. And check out our recaps.


Scandal (Thursday, 10 p.m. ET; ABC)

"You killed seven people?!" —Olivia

Highlight: Last week's Scandal was the biggest shock anyone could have imagined. Fitz was shot. And this week we get some answers that require going back to the very beginning — when Fitz was elected.


First things first, Fitz isn't dead. He's in a coma.

We also learn that the the vice president has some qualms about him, so when she makes a move for the presidency and is successfully voted in as acting president, it's not as big a surprise. We also discover that Hollis Doyle was behind the seven murders that were pinned on Quinn Perkins. Surprise, surprise.

And the final surprise: who shot Fitz. It was Huck.

Watch here.

Kamau Bell on Conan (Thursday, 11 p.m. ET; TBS)

"My wife is white, and I'm trying to end racism one white wife at a time." —Bell

"When she was born, she was Dangerous. Then later she became Bad. We're aiming toward Thriller. It's never going to Off the Wall." —Bell


Highlight: On Conan, comedian W. Kamau Bell (host of his own FX show, Totally Biased) discussed family — specifically, his white wife and his mixed-race baby. In fact, he explained, his 18-month-old daughter has thankfully become browner with age. He admitted to tracking her color progress using Michael Jackson album covers. And he said he's observed how, if he's holding his daughter, she looks more like a black person. But if his wife holds her, she looks whiter — kind of like a "broken chameleon." Hilarious.

Plus: Earlier this week we tracked the progress of a variety of shows. In case you missed it, here's what we reported in this week's other Black TV Watch posts.


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Celeste Little is an editorial intern at The Root.

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