Black Brazilian Drama Makes Big Debut


(The Root) — Subúrbia, the new television series with a predominantly Afro-Brazilian cast, is set to hit the airwaves starting Nov. 1. The series, written by Paolo Lins and directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, will air on Globo TV in Brazil.

The sexy drama focuses on a poor girl named Conceição, played by Erika Januza, during her search for a new life in Rio de Janeiro. While there, she falls in love with Fabricio Boliveira's character, Cleiton. 

Lins, who wrote the novel that the 2002 film City of God was adapted from, describes the series as "a drama of love."


"[It's] an old project of Luiz Fernando Carvalho that he invited me to participate in," he said. "We write everything in prose, a novel, and then we write the script. The series is a victory in an unequal and racist country like Brazil. We will show that through culture, family, religion and especially love, it's possible to overcome barriers."

Globo TV is available in the U.S. nationwide via Dish Network and DirecTV. Several cable operators, including Time Warner Cable and Comcast, also carry the channel. Check your local listings.

Watch the trailer for the series here.

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