Ben Carson Proves the Sunken Place Is Where Rhythm Goes to Die

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Ben Carson, our woefully inexperienced Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, is not only painfully inept at steering housing policy, but apparently has been exiled from Janet’s illustrious Rhythm Nation.


How else can you explain this dearth of coordination at a fundraiser for Palm Beach County Republican Lincoln Day?



“Gifted Hands”, my ass.

Beau Davidson’s seasonless rendition of “Stand By Me” was cringe-worthy enough, but watching Ben’s fingers flail around proves The Sunken Place is where rhythm goes to die.

Then again, his wife did butcher The National Anthem once upon a ruptured ear drum, so clearly music isn’t their ministry.

Naturally, Twitter had some opinions on the matter:


Here’s to hoping he finds a shoulder roll and a fresh pair of hands in his Christmas stocking a month from now.

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Hold up...he can’t even master the 4/ is that eeeeeven possible?!?!? I am shooketh.