Terrell Jermaine Starr
Terrell Jermaine Starr is a senior reporter at The Root. He is currently writing a book proposal that analyzes US-Russia relations from a black perspective.

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7/19/17 7:37AM

Terrell, first off, Ohio-class subs carry 24 Trident missiles, not 28. I’m nitpicking, but the rest of the article is so good, I thought you would want to fix that. Read more

7/18/17 3:22PM

Whilst we are nitpicking...the Nagasaki bomb was an implosion plutonium weapon of the type that had been tested in the Alamagordo Desert at Trinity. The Hiroshima bomb was a URANIUM gun type weapon. You can’t make a plutonium gun weapon, which is why the implosion type was developed. Richard Rhodes’ book “The Making Read more

7/18/17 3:20PM

The problem is pride. Having them is a point of political pride, and getting rid of them would be a blow to the ego of heartland voters; especially since a lot of those would find it personally humiliating to give disarmament liberals what they see as a victory no matter how financially or militarily prudent it would Read more

7/18/17 2:30PM

More is better. Or shall I say spending more is better. That’s the whole game in DC, how much of the taxpayers’ wealth can you extract from the system.

7/18/17 2:21PM

Terrell: Congratulations. I think this is the first article you’ve written where you provided substantial facts and even attempted to bring up a counterpoint. Granted, you still had an issue with some of the nomenclature on the topic, which others have already called you out on. But this isn’t complete and total Read more

7/18/17 2:00PM

Would a workable middle ground be using the trident for both legs? A quick glance at their specs indicates the Trident II is close to, if not equal to the Minuteman III in range. I would assume that if the Trident II can be launched from a submerged sub it could handle being surface launched, it would require little Read more

7/18/17 1:56PM

Maybe not all of them but reducing them to half the current number will definitely make a difference.

7/08/17 2:19PM

Sure they have the most to lose, but do you think for a minute if we pull THAAD and our troops from South Korea that it will ease tensions? The only thing it will do is leave them open to invasion, which will happen about 30 seconds after the last U.S. soldier leaves the country.

Kim is not going to be swayed by Read more

5/22/17 2:06PM

All the present fears aside, the thing that intrigues me the most is what the long-term impact will be of the storage sites. It’s unlikely that places like the SRS will be known entities for the rest of human history. What happens when an archaeologist rediscovers that place millenia from now? After a lot of “WTF is Read more

5/17/17 4:14PM

They do. One of them is called SBX-1, and it’s allegedly deployed somewhere in the Pacific to also keep an eye on the DPRK. Unfortunately, there’s only one of them, it’s expensive to maintain, and relatively expensive. We also have the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) DDGs (SPY-1D radars) in the region that can do

5/08/17 3:51PM

Just more proof that Trump isnt the amazing business leaderso many people give him credit for. Ive said for a long time that starting with a bunch of money and dealing in Real Estate speculation doesnt make you a business virtuoso it usually just means you have good timing (or often not, based on all the Read more

3/28/17 10:53AM

Except for all the chanting of “Putin the Thief” in the streets, yeah, you’re right.

3/14/17 2:35PM

I think that’s his entire point. Aircraft carriers of today are not combat ships anymore. We keep building them to be fighting ships when in reality, they can be easily sunk (says the author). In reality, they are just glorified air bases used to project power and they should be built as such. As I see it, the Read more

2/22/17 5:19PM

Hey Terrell, could I make a book recommendation to you? You’re writing a lot about Russia, and a book I recently read that has a great overview on Russian society under Putin is called “Putin Country” by Anne Garrels, a former NPR reporter. It’s a pretty unflinching look at the effects of the governement on modern Read more