Latoya Shauntay Snell
Latoya Shauntay Snell is a chef, photographer and founder of RunningFatChef, a food-and-fitness blog that documents her experiences as a plus-size ultramarathoner and obstacle-course racer.

I usually say the Yes should be an emphatic, desired or excited “Yes!”. Even a “...yeah, I guess...” to me is a no.

If someone seems even a lil’ reluctant I think they should be given some physical space (1-2 feet) so they do not feel obligated, or threatened into a Yes, to appease the partner.

Hopefully this also Read more

I met her at one of her book signings, and she is truly a beautiful human being. Kind, funny and gracious. It was a pleasure to hear her speak. Read more

I’d love to say “surely it’s not fellow runners coming at her,” but I know plenty of people in this sport try to bring you down just for not being as gifted as them, 100 meters or 100 miles. Read more

The race events themselves are such supportive environments. You have your hardcore competitors, but the vast majority of people are there because they set a goal and are there to achieve it, have groups they train with for the events and are running them together, etc. Always a very positive, encouraging vibe. Read more

Just watched her REI video. I love her and the others who are living their lives. Thank you! Read more

Last November I vowed to run a 5k in the first semester of this year. Then the flu came and my plans unraveled. I literally just got back from my first couch to 5k run of the year, and then I saw this story. This woman is an inspiration to us all, and thanks to stories like hers I feel more pumped than ever! Read more

All power to her. I love this story. I got into running late in life and found it exhilarating and wanted to push it further (Tough Mudders, etc.). I had no expectations of winning any of them but a torn achilles has put a damper on those dreams - for now. But I’m back running and I’m finding new inspiration in Read more

I appreciate Maiysha’s measured and cordial response but in reality nobody gives a fuck what you think. Read more

And before you get slick with it: No, I don’t wear a weave. But I have in the past, and won’t cast judgement upon those who do...especially those, as in this article (which you likely neglected to read), who wear them due to alopecia or cancer.

But you’re right; your personal preferences are SO much more important. Read more

We stand for black women, period; whether #TeamNatural, #TeamWeave or anywhere in between. All iterations of black womanhood have a home here. Read more

False rape reports are not common. And an app doesn’t make sense — even if you want to hook up, that doesn’t mean you want to do every sexual act, and you can stop at any time if you get uncomfortable. Read more

Some people might consider this a mood killer, but guess what? Read more

Honestly, I think that having upfront communication about boundaries and expectations is all that is needed. If you have so little trust in someone that you think they might be trying to run some kind of scam on you, you should reconsider whether this is a person you want to sleep with.
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