Karu F. Daniels
Hailing from "the thorough borough" of Brooklyn, Mr. Daniels has written for The New York Times, Associated Press, CNN, Essence, VIBE, NBC News, The Daily Beast, The New York Daily News and Word Up!
Nov 17 2019

I actually feel bad for the guy .. Its hard to raise a kid on a fast food salary to begin with and now hes unemployed. Plus I know back in the day at least it was seen as something good to bring a kid to work, show them a little bit of what they do, let them help out. I guess my only issue would be if he was bringing Read more

Nov 17 2019

Same here. WTF??! Hey Root! This article really should have been yanked before it was posted. Oh, and check Mr Karu Daniels’ credentials. I really don’t think a guy who wrote for the New York Times, CNN, and Essence would have written this shit.

Nov 17 2019

The entire tone of this post was off, and it was poorly written, going from talking about the Midwest to Jersey, not stating where the perp was from (only where he was arrested/tried), etc...just a mess.

Nov 15 2019

When asked about the man she bumped off the list for her spot, Ms. Palmer replied:

Nov 10 2019

I definitely would have come up with Lizzo, Lil Nas X, and Kanye.

But I’d only bring up Kanye to dunk on him.

Nov 10 2019

*sigh* Where’s Stephen Crockett? I miss that guy. This substitution isn’t working for me...

Nov 9 2019

Atlanta contractor and Air Force veteran Kelvin King got on stage and praised Trump’s economic agenda and thanked the president for “making the black community a priority.”