Kalyn Womack

People are missing the point in these comments. This isn’t about Nicki or TikTok. This is about the fact that white people think they must be nosy about everything we do. They just have to take up all the space, be obnoxious about it, not learn a damn thing about anything, report their findings to other white people Read more

A vaccine mandate won’t cost anyone their job. They may, through their own idiocy, cost themselves it though.

While Shawanna Vaughn is absolutely correct to highlight how businesses are profiting off our carceral system, it may be worth noting that “the only correctional facility in Michigan that houses females”, Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility (WHV) is run by the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC). Of course Read more

I think the author’s point regarding the “equity” comment is in itself a miss of the point Wins was making.
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When he is talking about a bloodbath, I don’t think it means that the rioters would have been cut down. You have to remember that the police on the hill were vastly outnumbered with no support coming, which was planned by Republicans. If they had opened fire with the limited numbers they had, the rioters would have Read more

Kansas District Attorney Marc Bennett is clearly a bastard (ACAB!) and probably a shitty person on top of that (Republican!), but this writeup ignores that he’s asking the legislature to change the law from “immunity from prosecution” (which would give him no choice in not filing and get the case punted embarrassingly Read more