Richard Prince

Thanks, IDM3. I wrote this on Feb. 27, 2006: “The News wrote Sunday: ‘Eighteen years ago, in a centennial edition, The News made this observation about its coverage of the civil rights movement: “The story of The Birmingham News’ coverage of race relations in the 1960s is one marked at times by mistakes and Read more

Thanks for flagging this. The New York Times reversed itself on Quinn Norton within hours. Read more

You are correct. Thanks for noticing. We need more sharp-eyed readers like you!

Thanks for the feedback. The New York Times used to have a slogan, “You don’t have to read it all, but it’s nice to know it’s all there.” Obviously, not everyone agrees. What would you leave out? Is the index at the top of any help in deciding what to read and what not to?

Thanks, Kalx. That’s not the way the column works, though. It’s not about a single topic. It’s a collection of items related to diversity issues in the news business. Check out previous columns. <> Read more

Thanks, Kalx, can you elaborate on “jumbled up”?

Please explain the “Dallas myth.”

Thanks! I see what you mean. Some of this is due to how different computers render the quotation marks. What looks fine on one doesn’t look so good on another.

For those unfamiliar with this column, it *is* a series of articles. :-)