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Mar 29

Mojoverse is literally the entertainment hub of the universe. Popcorn and soda is least of what you can get there...

Mar 29

Yeah, like I said in my post, I share a smidge of Joe’s anxiety about wanting the pace to pick up, but I’m pretty happy overall. The Flagsmasher-related story plot and character-driven focuses for both Sam and Bucky all are related to dealing with Blip-related trauma. I don’t think we’re gonna look back after four Read more

Feb 10

Kingdom Hearts is like a son that showed a lot of promise when he was young but later in life took a dark path, started doing hard drugs and became a criminal, but you still go visit him in jail whenever you can and you bake him a cake for his birthday because he’s still your son after all and you’re gonna love him no Read more

Jan 21

Yeah, dude hit a groove there. And his Cap run has been well received. I’d love to see him take on a Hulk story.

Jan 20

Black Panther remains one of the most powerful forces in comics. When he came on the scene he defeated Captain America and Mr. Fantastic. He became both the strongest and smartest man in the 616. BP amazed everyone in my little corner of Jersey City and Brooklyn. The Coates run was a powerful telling. Imagine that Read more

Jan 13

Only people from the 70's would get this joke. Oh & Clint Eastwood who thought it was still a commonly used term when he made, Gran Torino.

Jan 8

nobody talking about why its 2021 and this nigga texting on a flip phone.

to paraphase the NYPD officer who found a pager on me on a “random” stop and frisk in 1998.

“The only people still using flip phones are drug dealers. You a drug dealer?” 

Dec 22

I think I stopped breathing the moment I saw the x-wing come into view. Luke is my favorite character and you nailed it all in your post. Star Wars is about hope and redemption. Favreau and Filoni understand that, which is one of the 10,000 reasons why The Mandalorian was so fucking good.

Dec 22

I loved how Luke wandering down the halls killing dark troopers mirrored Vader’s first appearance in a New Hope killing rebels. It had an awesome symmetry to it.

Dec 21

Only thing they could have added was Ezra. Hoping they are saving him for down the road. Especially if Thrawn is coming. Read more

Dec 21

So now that it’s just us real niggas in the building, HOLY FUCK WHAT?!

Dec 21

I mean when they brought the freaking dark saber at the end of season 1 I pretty much lost it. And yeah, season two really dug deep into the good stuff of the EU. Bo-Katan, the Nite Owls, Ahsoka, Thrawn. Just give Filoni all the Star Wars money.

Nov 19

Ghost of Tsushima is beautiful and the gameplay is engaging, but the take on Sengoku-era Japan is very “Western guys make samurai game.” Read more

Nov 18

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is like that amazing adaptation of a previous film that somehow completely works.
Like Casino Royale or Lion King.
It does lose points for not being original, but damn it was better than most original AAA games done these days.