Janelle Harris Dixon
Writer, editor and storyteller. I have a lot of shoes and opinions.

Oh bless you! Thank you so much. I always pray before I write, so I’m glad to know God did the work through me. AND you didn’t even have to get dressed up and slide into anybody’s crowded pew. Read more

My spirit just exploded. Go be great. I’m so excited for you because we all know once we lock in on something and decide that it will be ours, it WILL be ours, right? Read more

So now I’m crying. I understand how important it is to get that word, that affirming, you-gonna-make it word, and I’m honored that you got it here. Thank YOU! Read more

Thank you so much, girl! I really appreciate that. I just don’t want any one of us to feel like “it’s just me.”  Read more