Ishena Robinson
Writer, speaker, finesser, and a fly dresser. Jamaican-American currently chilling in Chicago.
Jan 7

Dec 16

Wait a minute...So this psycho ex-cop recruits several of his former colleagues who happen to still be on the force on the flimsy as tissue evidence that he’s been stalking an HVAC technician for four days and they just go along with it? ACAB doesn’t even begin to describe how illegal and corrupt this all is. Those Read more

Dec 13

I hope so. Then those thugs will start off’ing them and the cowardly politicians will wet their pants and call in the National Guard. I’ll be sitting here eating popcorn and watching all the fallout.

Dec 13

So these pb are tearing down BLM signs and burning them. This is willful destruction of private property and the cops just stand there and watch?

Dec 13

Videos posted on social media show a band of diminutive, pinch-faced, red-hatted white men chanting that they will “destroy the GOP” because the party has not ensured Trump stays in office—though he has absolutely no valid claim to do so because he undeniably lost the election. Read more

Nov 14

I am really frightened and disgusted by people that say “it’s time to come together”, “let’s heal the nation” and other weak “both sides” nonsense. Trump’s large minority of fascist/republicans are willfully ignorant and are quite frankly, evil in their intent. They don’t care that innocent people are murdered in the Read more

Nov 8

I feel like this whole absurd parking lot press-conference exemplifies the haphazard way in which the Trump campaign is going to pretend their man has a claim to the presidency Read more

Oct 21

I’ve said it before: being Pan-Africanist & having a global view of BlackLivesMatter has enriched my life, but the pain and burden are increased as well. The unpunished murders of our people have been psychically catastrophic. The police here, in Nigeria, everywhere. Nigeria just had a bittersweet 60th birthday on the Read more

Oct 11

Speaking of 21st century resurrections of racist hubris, was talking to a local politician about possible racist violence and police inaction at the election places like during Reconstruction (I had sent him Harriot’s Clapback warning from Friday). He said he witnessed a Trump parade of between 40-60 pickup trucks Read more

Oct 10

This is THE coolest! I remember her from her appearances on GMA talking about personal finance issues. She was so intelligent and personable and able to translate complex ideas to the average viewer’s level that, I loved to see her. I also felt she was her own authentic self, maybe because she rocked her own short Read more

Sep 13

Her mother is Japanese and her father is Haitian. You have it the other way around in the post.

Sep 8

This show is getting better and I feel like there are a lot more unpleasant surprises ahead. I was starting to feel sympathy for Montrose but that is lost now. I think he is doing what he thinks is best to protect his family but that flimsy excuse has historically been used to commit countless atrocities. Read more