Genetta M. Adams
Genetta M. Adams is Managing Editor of The Root.

Prison slippers. He knows where he’s heading after all this is over. Read more

We’ve had plenty of video footage of cop’s killing unarmed Black people. It matters not one wit. Read more

I’ll take this bet. You will lose. Know how I know? Because I’m a black woman and you’re not. Also, take a moment to stop and talk to those African Americans you pass by each day. You might actually learn something about their lives instead of imagining what you’re “willing to bet” their lives are about. Read more

I still want to wallow in my pure hate for candy corn, while also trying this peanut/candy corn concoction.  Read more

So please see previous years of The Root 100 -- Ava has aged out. Read more

I read a lot of critics too, but I don’t adopt their opinions without seeing something for myself. At the very least, read what Harris has to say about his own work. Maybe then you can form your own opinion and not reflect someone else’s. Read more

You’ve also apparently never heard or read our Young Futurists list, which does the same thing for influential African Americans age 10-24. Comes out every March. Read more

Get a grip, LOL. Have you seen the play? I find the people who complain about this play haven’t bothered to set foot in a theater to see it. Also read our profile on Harris, who discusses the rich (black theater) tradition that inspires his work. Read more

Also we give readers a chance every year to nominate people in May and June. Where were you then? Read more