Erica Washington
3/09/21 1:07PM

Adding to the fairytale mysticism mentioned in this article, it chilled me when Harry said that he was living off the inheritance his mother left him, that without it his and Meghan’s move would not have been possible. He then said, “She knew.” Read more

3/09/21 12:57PM

Honestly, when she said they took her passport and IDs and would tell her to lay low and not leave even though she had only been out twice in 4 months with a not-very-present husband - I get the Diana comparison. Isolated without a way to get out is some pretty heavy shit and the solitary confinement was a massive Read more

3/04/21 11:52AM

Neither “Good Bones” nor “Windy City” would exist without heavy, heavy gentrification going on. They kind of nibble around it but it’s super obvious - here’s a “blighted” but “up and coming” neighborhood that “we’re helping to transform!” Good Bones even had the original (Black) owners of one of the houses they did Read more

1/28/21 9:01PM

What I’m learning from this discussion is that Jez commenters are a bunch of Buds when the point of that perfect film was that we should all try to open our hearts and minds to the idea of being a little bit more of a Sissy. Not by putting pecans in tuna salad though, I’m not advocating for anything truly obscene.

1/28/21 8:43PM

For that welcome Urban Cowboy reference, Emily, you can put whatever you damn well please in your tuna salad. Yes, even the apple. (Although I would encourage you to reconsider the apple.)

1/28/21 2:49PM

YESSSSSSSS. Actually all my skinny single friends are still foaming at the mouth in anger that I am married and they are not. They honestly think I am less deserving than them. Which is a whooollllleeeee nother issue in itself. 

1/27/21 5:57PM

We are out here! I know every word to every song on this playlist because I was a black girl going through it in the 80s. KROQ was amazing!

1/27/21 5:55PM

You just made a friend! I grew up black in the 80s and my great loves were acid rock, hair metal and synth pop. I kill at music trivia but it was a very solitary experience as a kid. We just didn’t have the internet to connect us then.

1/25/21 9:33PM

In the 80s there was a tiny 3000 watt station located on Long Island (broadcasting from beautiful downtown Hempstead”) called WLIR (then WDRE), 92.7. They, along with KROQ in LA, were instrumental in breaking so many UK New Wave artists in the US and they helped elevate US New Wave artists too. A really good Read more

1/25/21 7:48PM

I’m with you, only North Texas version. I hate that it took me until adulthood to find other Black folks who loved the same music I did growing up; I was pretty much an army of one with mostly white friends as a teen, simply because that’s who I shared musical and artistic tastes with. I’m a die-hard Smiths girl, Read more

1/25/21 7:01PM

Non-Asian kid here too, in high school in the early eighties. I have no way of speaking to the Asian experience of New Wave, but in my dying industrial town, there was an expectation of a kind of rocker machismo, and maybe an interest in heavy metal. And a lot of social pressure to identify yourself via music. I Read more

1/25/21 3:29PM

Non-Asian here. As a college kid in the 80’s (who’d unfortunately been too young to fully experience the Disco era,) New Wave was an evolution in the progression of dance music that provided me the opportunity to experience club life. The music was melodic, sophisticated, well-produced and sounded great in clubs. So

1/20/21 5:13PM

Harris’s outfit looked blue in the light, but was purple in the shade. It also doesn’t help that she wore a jewel tone blue shirt with a shiny blazer that could be blue or purple depending on lighting. Read more

1/05/21 7:24PM

I don’t wanna take away anyone’s fun and I have...loads of friends (read: basically all of them) who love this show...but how are we still entertained by some dude sample-banging a bunch of debutantes with low self-esteem? Can this stop being entertainment in 2021? Please?