Breanna Edwards
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Sep 4 2018

She does look a lot like Jay Z but I also feel like she’s so very Bey sometimes. Perfect mixture imo.

But yes, Ms Tina is that mom

Aug 30 2018

lol. you know better. He’ll be eligible for parole after 7 and a half years it looks like. 

Aug 8 2018

I think he blew at least some of that defense when he offered up the baggie of weed. 

Jul 17 2018

scary how accurate you probably are. Just updated the story and they got a warrant out for a 16 year old

Jun 29 2018

Because it’s unclear to everyone. period. The only thing we have is speculation from the guy from Say Yes who said it may be due to his age etc...

Jun 26 2018

Words cannot describe how much I hate you and love you at the same time. *cackles*

Jun 26 2018

I don’t disagree with you. I also think there’s a difference between doing nothing (which can be considered callous) and actively laughing and mocking a dying person (which...ya know). I also think it’s okay to logically know that this is a legal twist up and empathize and feel for the family who needlessly lost Read more