Danielle Young
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6/13/18 12:04PM

He’s the only one I had an interview with and it was all in good fun.

2/06/18 3:12PM

There’s one scene where Lupita is in heels, but it’s warranted. Mostly when fighting, the women are in boots. Danai has this one pair of gold boots...GIRLLLL! Ruth Carter wasn’t playing that game!

1/04/18 3:33PM

Indentured servant implies there was a contract and these SLAVES had a choice. You’re also implying that these Africans and other people of color were brought over to “America” as equals. Just because slavery was legalized in a specific time does not negate that it was still happening.

12/07/17 1:12PM

This is so rich. I love that the neighbors were like, suspicious trucks were out there (had to be for hours to take everything) but didn’t care enough to call the cops. He deserves this.

12/06/17 12:27PM

That’s real. That’s why I was saying this may be another story for another time because I know there’s so much deep-seeded racism in that statement.

11/17/17 4:43PM

You can say that again. I’m sorry for him having to go through this though.

11/16/17 3:46PM

3. Last time I checked, podcasts were all about talking! LOL! You like silent podcasters?

11/13/17 1:55PM

Same! Just had to let it be known that their headlines are always appreciated lol!

11/06/17 6:04PM

Then you should also have remembered things I left out of this story from other women who have similar stories. But thank you for reading and sharing your opinion. You have such a strong explanation of what happened to me. But what about the other woman who it happened to as well? Was she making it all up too?