Damon Young
Damon Young is a founder of VSB, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins), which won the 2020 Thurber Prize for American Humor

I appreciate the biting humour in this article but to be clear, I disagree with the downplaying of Drake’s technical ability. This is the thing...Drake is good at many things so it seems like he isnt good lyricism as he can make meaningless club bangers AND lyrical masterpieces so folks inadvertantly assume he is Read more

The problem I have with Drake being a great rapper. Read more

5 hits the nail on the head, for sure. He’s definitely not one of the greatest “Rappers” of all time. A rapper, I’d say generally speaking, is a lyricist. Rap itself is the wordsmithing, with the obvious additions of the beat, meter, etc., since most songs have words.
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Drake always gets a special place for me, from being part of the mid-2000s mixtape era w/ Lil Wayne and company.
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With this article, I agree 100%, and that’s why Drake was never in my heavy rotation or in any rotation, for that matter. The guys sings too much and isn’t witty AT ALL. He’s who I put on at the cookout whenever I really want people to choose anything else because I know someone will shout “put on some good shit!!” Read more

Ever???? Like since Hip Hop started ever or if you don’t count about...hmmmm ...about 50 people that can go harder than dude ever? I know everyone has their fav and its multi generational now but ever??? I guess if you say that all rappers are among the greatest ever then sure...... If you are in the top 500 or 100 I Read more

7. Calling Toronto “The Six” and it catching on...with Americans...for which mostly all Torontonians despise him. Read more

Drake belongs in the Pitbull and Flo Ridah (?) club of great dance music and made by great music producer and marginal rappers. Read more

2. The irrational and disproportionate emotional and spiritual attachment I have to the rappers I listened to and loved when I was younger, which makes it more difficult for a “newer” person to move me. Read more

Drake is catchy. He is the equivalent of a 5 guys burger. Tasty when you need something to eat and not completely bad for you. But what if you want the equivalent of an aged steak and baked potato on white linen tablecloths? You can choose Jay-z or Nas or Biggie or Pac or Rakim. On a good day I might even add Mos Def Read more

You have the “best at rapping” goat list, with people like Black Thought and Big K.R.I.T. and Jay Elec and Jean Grae on it, and the “best at making rap songs/albums” list, with people like Hotel Shampoo and Kanye West. Read more

I’m not sure I am totally on board with calling them “flaws”. This seems more like a pretty common sports problem, where a solid performer was drafted high to play a role not supported by Soul’s scouting report, and acceptable aspects of Soul’s game are getting called flaws because of the framework Soul is playing in, Read more

The Magic looked at their worthless team and went “Yup, let’s lock in Jonathon Isaacs and Markelle Fultz for a combined $38/40 mill a year.” Read more

This is a fantastic piece, but it sorta glides by the single most annoying thing he did with some “reasonable people disagree” ish...

He was injured when the NBA went into the bubble, so he wasn’t going to play when they decided to restart... and he wasn’t going to miss out on any games if they didn’t. So he wasn’t Read more

Exactly. This article and my sons observations made me look at some of my judgments that were...shall we say...skewed
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I think it’s acceptable, as a reasonably intelligent sports fan, to irrationally dislike particular athletes so long as you recognize the irrationality of your own sentiments. I’m pretty sure all devoted sports fans have their irrational dislikes. I don’t like LeBron because I’m a Warriors fan. But I recognize his Read more

Great article Damon. As someone who is TOTALLY Team Lebron, I have a sincere distatste for Kyrie. I find the passion for dude I see emanating from my hood brothers as puzzling...cause dude aint hood....but I also see hate for Lebron from pro black brothers and find that even more baffling. One day my youngest son opine Read more

Kyrie is as fun to watch as he is hard to listen to. Full disclosure I am a Boston fan. It was so exciting to have him on the team. That said, it did seem like there were some cohesion issues. Certainly not all his fault, as I think the young guys were a bit too big for their britches as well. That said the “the Read more