Ashley Nkadi
UC Grad. Scholar-Activist. President of Slytherin's Black Student Union. Ashley loves God, her mama, being Bliggity Black, Gucci Mane, cheese, potatoes, and eyebrow maintenance. In that order.

Reading is fundamental.
“Gonźalez had been correctly informed that as a Master of Library and Information Sciences student, he had access to the law library.” Read more

Rita, this is a discussion about larger structures, institutions, and systems - not a couple of people in your town that you think are mean to you. Read more

She’s as Black as our first Black President. Harry’s mother-in-law is still a Black woman with dreads. If Meghan wants to police her Blackness, so be it. However, when we as Black people police the Blackness of others, saying that they’re too light, too mixed, or not down enough to be invited to the cookout - we’re Read more

Tbh, ‘‘Barack Obama’s First 100 Days were so black’’ sounds like the most lit article ever. It could discuss the extreme and immediate renovations that took place in their living quarters, replacing busts of mediocre white men with portraits of the cast of Fresh Prince. It could explore how our First Lady rehabbed an Read more