Alexander Hardy
Alexander Hardy is a wordsmith, mental health advocate, dancer, lupus survivor, and co-host of The Extraordinary Negroes podcast. Alexander does not believe in snow or Delaware.

Just hold on. Somewhere, somewhen a start up is slaving away at their AR tongue patch or tasteplayer. Read more

As one of those Marylanders who doesn’t fuck with Baltimore, even I’m insulted by this. Read more

My only quibble: no pork breakfast sausage. Andouille’s nice and I get why there’s chicken and turkey. But c’mon.
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ahhhh fuck yes Miss Shirley’s! It’s one of the things I miss most about living in Baltimore. And you went to the right location, too. If you’re hanging out later and want the best crab cake in town, it’s at Koco’s on Harford Road, like less than half a mile from Morgan State. Read more

Well, I don’t like mayo. This one is on you people. LOL Read more

“Dumpster-hearted bootyhole gerbal-in-chief” Read more

That’s one of the most brutal, understated profiles of all time. What are the odds Kaur has no idea and thinks it’s incredible because she likes the picture they used? Read more

The question is fucking lazy imo. “Tell me what to do as if I don’t know? I haven’t been paying attention up till now but I promise I’ll hear you now!” People can research instead of asking whatever small group of people they’re trying to impress with their wokeness. Read more

Glad I’m not on the receiving end of this. Laughs. You make me so happy with your approach to taking out the garbage. Almost like a mystic craft of some sort where you’re doing multiple things at once but going in single direction.
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It can be even simpler than that: vote. Not just once every two to four years, but regularly for local elections too. Minorities by definition don’t have the numbers to vote out the racist sheriffs and DAs and congressmen and senators by themselves. It’s a bare-minimum start. Read more

*zzzzzip* (looks down and whistles) Read more

Also, don’t tell people you’re woke. It’s like telling people you’re an intellectual. Just shut the fuck up and do the work.
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Fuck’em...and I mean that from the bottom of my feet to the tips of my locs. Read more


I’ve been working 60 hour weeks and in the wake of Charlottesville I was a little... let’s say “surly”. A well-meaning coworker asked what was wrong. Read more

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I’ve started saying “Go collect your fellow white people and have a ‘Come to Jesus’ talk with them about not being overtly or covertly racist.”