Auntie Unfiltered: Let's Talk About Conscious Communication

Every single day, I encounter people who project their unresolved trauma out on everyone else each time they open their mouths.

It’s something I am hyper aware of with myself. I work hard to be aware of the words I use and how I speak to others. It costs absolutely nothing to be kind and graceful in our speech.


When we encounter people who are unnecessarily flippant, rude or snarky, it is because they have unresolved trauma and it manifests itself that way. Truly happy people don’t do this because kindness is a manifestation of happiness, and happiness radiates and is present in everything the happy person does.

This week, we discuss conscious communication. How intentional are you with your words and actions when dealing with other people? Are you taking your personal trauma out on other people? Do you feel good after you do it?


Conscious communication means speaking with intention and choosing your words carefully. It is the difference between “responding” and “reacting” in a situation. Which do you think is more effective?

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Thank you for this wonderful work!

I was often a happy kid and young adult (despite my share of bullies, etc.), but particularly, these last few years have made me quite often angry, anxious, and just not myself, which makes me feel even weirder, basically setting me off on a whole journey away from myself and my happiness.

I tried therapy and didn’t get anywhere (not blaming ANYONE, and I still champion therapy heavily, but it just didn’t do it for me), but transformational coaching has brought me some VERY good results!

I know that while I’m still my playful self who always loved laughing and just enjoying life, I’m still quite unhappy in some ways, some of them deep down, but I’m working on it, and trying to not let the negative things of the world make me lash out and be an asshole to people (whether they deserve it or not, because happy people don’t usually lash out).

Coaching and now Conscious Communication are very powerful tools that I am going to try hard to use to elevate me while not ignoring the lows and their causes.