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I donā€™t know if itā€™s possible to have more drama than this administration, but Anthony Scaramucci, aka Mucci Mane, sure is trying. Not only did the short-lived White House communications director leave his wife while she was eight months pregnantā€”but now heā€™s claiming that the baby isnā€™t his.

According to Page Six, Mucci Mane, who is in the midst of a nasty divorce, is demanding a paternity test. This feels way too Maury-ish, and secretly, Iā€™m here for it. During his prolonged weekend as part of the Trump administration, Mucci Mane proved himself to be quite the asshole. He was hopped up on faux-tough Italian-guy bullshit, and as such, he was given the boot after a hilariously bad on-the-record interview with a New Yorker reporter. When it comes to political flameout, itā€™s kind of hard to beat Mucci Mane.

Deidre Ball, Mucci Maneā€™s estranged wife, is reportedly horrified that the flameout is contesting that he is the childā€™s father. A source told Page Six:

Things are heating up in the divorce. He doesnā€™t believe that child is his.

He is actually contesting the paternity of the newborn, which is the same as dropping a hand grenade into any divorce action and possible amicable resolution, and Deidre strongly rejects his claim.

You donā€™t make that sort of claim unless you are nuts. He will be easily proven wrong.


According to the gossip site, the couple already have one child together: Nicholas, who is 4. While Mucci Mane was busy chasing the Republican President Douchey von ShitBag around, his wife was back at their Manhasset, N.Y., home pregnant. Mucci Mane wasnā€™t there for the birth of the child, a boy named James who was born in July two weeks ahead of the due date. James spent a short time in the neonatal unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, and Mucci Mane was not there. He reportedly sent a text shortly after the childā€™s birth saying, ā€œCongratulations, Iā€™ll pray for our child,ā€ Page Six reports.

From the sound of things, Mucci Mane would have been perfect for the Trump administration; too bad he only lasted 11 days.

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