Another Bad Decision by Wisconsin Governor


Usually, Gov. Scott Walker wants to save the state money.

Unless, of course, it involves letting prisoners out early for good behavior or medical reasons.


Walker has decided to repeal an early-release law for prisoners, even though the state already spends way too much money locking up black and brown inmates.

The absence of these inmates — mostly black and Latino men — has a devastating effect on their local communities. Apparently Walker doesn't care because many conservatives use the fear of crime as a political tool in their scare tactics, and many voters just can't see through it.

If you ever wanted to know why so many feel the Walker administration is out of touch with reality, look no further than this misguided political move to keep the prison industrial complex in business. It's about using fear of crime to win elections; too bad some voters fall for this stuff.

Read Eugene Kane's entire column at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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