Terry Turner's garage door

As Terry Turner prepared to bring in 2015 with her granddaughter, festivities took a frightening turn as vandals threw rocks at the front of her house in Limestone County, Ala., WHNT 19 reports. According to the news station, three windows at the front of the house were broken in, causing the grandmother, terrified that someone was in her home, to call 911 and climb out of her bedroom window with her granddaughter.

What sheriff’s deputies found when they arrived, however, was not only broken windows but also a horrifying slur spray-painted on the house: “Move N—ger Now.”


Sadly, this wasn’t Turner’s first tussle with racism in the neighborhood where she’s lived for the past eight years. She told WHNT 19 that people have driven by and shouted slurs at her while she was in her yard. She never thought, however, that the situation would get to this level.

“I don’t hate whoever did this. I just don’t understand it,” she told the news station. “Racism is something that’s taught. When you get two babies in a room, a black baby and a white baby in a room, they don’t know nothing about that until they’re taught.”

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