British chanteuse Adele is making Billboard music history by becoming the first female singer to take top artist, single and album honors all in one year. Piya Sinha-Roy of Reuters is reporting that in addition to topping Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga in that order for top artist, her critically acclaimed album 21 and top single "Rolling Deep" also topped the Billboard charts.

Sinha-Roy reports:

Tye Comer, editor of, attributed Adele's success to her being a "breath of fresh air" in a market saturated with pop artists cut from a "certain cloth," like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

"Her success is really inspiring because it shows that there is still room in the music industry for an artist to make it with true, raw talent," Comer told Reuters.

"It's not necessarily always about the outrageous outfits or flashy videos, but an amazing voice coupled with the right song still has the ability to turn the ears of millions of people and keep them interested," he said.

Kudos to Adele for making her mark in the music industry while making history at the same time. We knew Adele had it on her seminal album, 19, and are quite happy that she is holding her own in a sea of fabricated images and "talent." Staying true to oneself is sounding really good right now.


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