“Why social media users great ‘til they gotta be great” is what Lizzo should be singing after being sued for by a food delivery driver who she is accused of maligning on Twitter in September.
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Lizzo, Oh No!

She’s “100 % That Bitch” that stays getting sued by folks.

Let me find out she got more lawsuits lodged at her than Bill Cosby.

Too soon?

Oh well; back to the regularly scheduled programming.

The plus-sized pop star is reportedly being sued for defamation stemming from a Postmates delivery gone awry.


Our good pals over at the Van Lathan-less TMZ is reporting that Tiffany Wells filed a lawsuit in response to the Atlantic Records singer/rapper/flutist blasting her on social media, claiming she stole Lizzo’s food delivery order that was supposed to go to her Boston hotel back in September.

Wells alleges that the chart-topper ruined her life by dragging her on social media.

In a since-deleted tweet, Lizzo wrote, “Hey @Postmates this girl Tiffany W. stole my food. she lucky I don’t fight no more.”

The food delivery app then responded, writing “Hi! We’re sorry to hear you’ve had a less than satisfactory experience on our app. Would you mind DM’ing the email address linked to your account, so we can look further into this for you?”


Wells says upon arriving at the hotel, she attempted to contact Lizzo several times, and after not receiving a response, she flew the coop.

As she should have.

She ended up on the receiving end of vitriol by deranged social media trolls coming to the defense of the recent Soul Train Award nominee (who is also in the midst of copyright/plagiarism legal battles and claims).


Lizzo did atone for her poor judgment: “I apologize for putting that girl on blast. I understand I have a large following and that there were so many variables that could’ve put her in danger. I’m a really be more responsible with my use of social media and check my petty and my pride at the door.”

But the damage was already done.

Wells reportedly stopped working at Postmates because of the incident and “lives in fear.”



Despite the apology, she proceeded with the lawsuit.

This should be another cautionary tale about how social media stunting can be bad for business.


Y’all gone learn sooner or later.

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