Meet Dog Park Diane: White Woman Calls Police to Dog Park After Black Man’s Dog Humps Hers

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Image: Screenshot via Facebook (c/o Franklin Baxley)

As a lover and former owner of dogs and a longtime resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, (God save it!) you can color me shocked.


In a video released online on Wednesday, a white woman at the Attleboro Dog Park in Attleboro, Mass., can be seen calling the police after a dog belonging to a black man humped her dog in a way she deemed inappropriate.

The as-yet-unidentified woman, dubbed “Dog Park Diane” by social media users, can be seen telling police that Franklin Baxley, the dog’s owner, was verbally assaulting her. Baxley, an employment attorney according to his LinkedIn, told the cucumber from Veggie Tales that he was not verbally assaulting her. “I told you, I’m not leaving,” Baxley added.

Baxley then read the license plate number of the car belonging to Yung Kirstie Alley while urging the public to look her up.

A friend of the crypt keeper’s great-granddaughter (with bangs from the halcyon days of WHAM!) can be seen telling Baxley his dog’s behavior was “inappropriate for the dog park.” Baxley cited the frequency of dog foreplay at the park, telling dye-job Momo and her Danzig-favoring friend that he had “seen every single dog hump another dog here.”

Baxley’s interaction with the real-life Zoey Howzer, whose dog can be seen resuming its play-date with Baxley’s, took a turn for the weirder in a separate video. “This is not shameful,” said the clean-shorn Lhasa Apso, “you know what is? Yelling at me and assaulting a woman.”

“I can yell at you because you’re yelling at me,” Baxley responded. “Are you people serious?” Baxley exclaimed, undoubtedly reeling from the lowering of his IQ thanks to the presence of Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII’s most dangerous villain.

Baxley’s mind-numbing interaction with Sailor Uranus plays out in subsequent videos. To make a racist story short: Baxley waits for police, who warn him against leaving his car running while failing to even mention the complaint called in by the white Diamond and Silk, lightly admonishing him for getting too close to the Attleboro’s newly-famous Ann Coulter lookalike.

Attleboro Police could not be reached for comment.

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Dogs hump dogs. It’s part of their behavior. They do it to establish a social pecking order.

This is Henri, aka Taye Doggs. He humps. When we had cats, he hump the cats. Back in Oakland, he’d hump other dogs at the dog run. You holler at the dog, maybe apologize to the other owner, and move on with your life. You don’t call the cops. Mainly because 911 is for actual crimes.

And yes... it is fucking hilarious to see a dog hump a cat.

The moral of the story is "If you don't want your dog to be humped, don't get a dog. Dogs hump. Dogs get humped."