NO: Radio Black Out: Performance Fee Bill Passes Committee

HP: Bring the Beat(ings) Back! Obama to Revive Military Tribunals of Gitmoans

AJE: Sri Lankan Gov't: 'We'll Free Tamils from Tigers Provided We Don't Kill Everyone in the Process'

BBC: South Africa Grants Dalai Lama Visa, Says 'He's Cool; He's Solid."

WP: Brenda's Got a Baby, So Who Now Cares about her Brain? Teen Mom Charter School Closing

BET: Study: Dear Smokers, Nicotine Fond of Darker People of Negroid Persuasion

J&J: Still Clean and Speaking Well, Obama Does ASU Commencement with Grace, Aplomb


FI: THANKS FOR LOUD TALKING CHRIS (but you're missing the point on Affirmative Action)

FII: Bryant Terry: Real Soul Food Won't Kill You

FIII: Michael Vick Paid his Debt. Let him Play Ball.

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