Lawrence Ross/The Root

In the 1957 Negro Motorist Green Book, the Connally Tourist Home is located just a block away from Morris Brown College in Atlanta and is a multistory home that was common in the late 19th century. But I was interested in it because it was the first tourist home on this trip that I could actually enter.

Two young brothers were chilling on the porch as Juneteenth picnicgoers passed them by, and they were gracious enough to let me take a tour of the house.

Lawrence Ross/The

The home was owned by Herbert W. Connally, a local Atlanta barber, and if you look at the bones of the house, you can see that it was an impressive dwelling. A living room, a parlor and the hardwood floors all point to a family that took great pride in their corner-lot structure. But today the house is used as a multiapartment boarding house, which honestly is sad. There are rooms that are plastered over and doors that lead to nowhere.

Lawrence Ross/The Root

As someone who loves the history of buildings, I hope that someone purchases this home and returns it to its former glory.