The Near-Perfect Insecure Season Finale and Issa’s, Molly’s and Lawrence’s Baby Steps to Adulthood

When I was 24 years old, a co-worker of mine felt like giving me her opinion of people my age. “I never date 24-year-olds,” she said. “They think they know everything.” At the time, the observation offended me because I almost certainly thought she was throwing shade my way. As a matter of fact, I know she was, but…

From The Wire to The Deuce: David Simon, George Pelecanos and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Discuss HBO’s Newest Series

In an early scene of The Deuce, premiering on HBO on Sunday night, smooth-talking C.C. (Gary Carr), freshly permed and curled and in a pin-striped suit, spots a fresh-faced white girl to spit that talk. He’s in a bus station in New York City in 1971, and pimping is still a viable living for a black man.


The Problem With HBO’s Confederate Is That the Legacy of Slavery Isn’t an Alt-History Fantasy, It’s Our Reality

What do you feel when you see the Confederate American flag? For some, it’s a patriotic symbol of their southern American heritage. For many others, though, the Confederate flag is a painful reminder that America’s is a legacy steeped in the blood, pain, and misery of black slaves and their still-living descendants.