President Obama names Denis McDonough White House chief of staff in January 2013. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

As more information emerges about the National Security Agency’s leak, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said on CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday that President Obama will soon come out in support of the surveillance activities.

President Obama does not believe his administration has violated the privacy of any American in light of leaked documents detailing sweeping government surveillance programs, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said Sunday on "Face the Nation," and he plans to make clear that sentiment "in the days ahead." …

McDonough would not say, however, that the government is entirely in the right in its collection of phone records and mining of data from the servers of nine major Internet companies: "If there's problems, we're gonna get to the bottom of them," he said. "We do have to find the right balance, especially in this new situation when we find ourselves, with all of us reliant on Internet, on email, on texting. So we find ourselves communicating in different ways — but that means the bad guys are doing that as well.

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