"We are begging for your help, since the media won't."

That's the message of friends and family of Athena Joy Curry, a 20-year-old Atlanta woman who disappeared on May 27, 2011. A YouTube video pleading with the public to spread the word also addresses why those close to Curry believe her case hasn't received more attention. Its caption reads: "There is a huge problem with missing minorities not getting the same attention as missing white people. All missing persons cases should be publicized especially if the person is assumed to be in harm's way. Her name is not Natalee Holloway or Casey Anthony … HER NAME IS ATHENA CURRY and we need YOUR help finding her."


According to one of the few pieces of news coverage of the case, the father of Curry's child, Yusef Mujahed, says she stormed off into the night after a May 27, 2011, argument, but her family doesn't believe that she'd voluntarily abandon her child. "She would never leave her son. This is her pride and joy," her sister, Aisha Magee, told CBS News. "She has never left him ever."

Her disappearance was also the subject of a recent segment of America's Most Wanted.

Those with information about the case are asked to contact Detective Stribling at 404-546-2511 or dstribling@atlantaga.gov.

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