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Whitney Houston's lawyer went on an Atlanta radio station yesterday and said that Bobby Brown allegedly broke a set of ground rules he was supposed to abide by at the singer's funeral this past Saturday, according to the Daily News.

Lawyer Mark G. Trigg called the Frank and Wanda radio show in Atlanta on Tuesday morning and said that Brown's lawyer agreed to a set of rules that included assigned seating and not contacting daughter Bobbi Kristina.


Trigg claims that Brown was ordered to sit in one of the first three rows at New Hope Baptist Church, while his children would be seated a few rows behind him. He was also not allowed to approach or contact his only child with Houston, Bobbi Kristina, unless she initiated the contact.

Brown, who spent only 20 minutes at the funeral before being escorted out, didn't follow the guidelines he allegedly agreed to and reached out to his daughter over the seating arrangement, according to the Daily News.

"And when he went to interact with her, that's when security said we would ask you please go to your seat. Please have your children sit with their uncle, and let's not have any unnecessary drama here," Trigg told the morning radio show. "That's the point where he, for whatever reason, decided that he wanted to just leave the service. So he got with his three children, went up and kissed the casket and they walked out of the service."

Brown released a statement after the funeral saying that he felt mistreated.

If they weren't going to allow him to sit with his children or even speak with his only daughter with Houston, who has been emotionally distraught, they should have prevented the spectacle we all knew would occur by not inviting Brown to the ceremony in the first place. While his antics were unacceptable, you can't expect a man who's broken up over the death of his former wife not to try to reach out to his daughter. It was an unreasonable set of guidelines.

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