Surveillance footage from the Indiana Members Credit Union shows one of the suspects who reportedly robbed the bank wearing full Rick James braids. 
ABC 6 screenshot

Police in Indianapolis are looking for two men who robbed a bank Saturday and were dressed up like two black icons: fictional drug dealer Youngblood Priest from Super Fly and funk singer Rick James.

According to ABC 6, the two men reportedly robbed the Indiana Members Credit Union around 12:38 p.m. dressed all in black. Indianapolis police and bank tellers must not be familiar with Rick James or Super Fly, since the descriptions of the men read standard but the photos prove otherwise.

One man is reported to have long dark hair, which appears to be blown out, a black hat and black sunglasses, while the second suspect is listed as having long dreads. The photo clearly shows that the second suspect's hair is in braids à la Rick James.


Witnesses told the news station that the two men entered the bank with guns drawn, demanding cash from the teller. The suspects reportedly left the bank with an undisclosed amount of money.

Police are still searching for both men.

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