Megan Adamescu
Miami Beach Police Department

Philippe Archer, a Miami Beach police detective, was reprimanded for punching and kicking a female model nearly two years ago while she was handcuffed and in custody, the Daily Mail reports. Archer has also been suspended for one month (without pay)—he’ll serve the suspension over days spread out in May, June and July, the Daily Mail explains.

The 29-year-old model, Megan Adamescu, was arrested in a parking garage, and surveillance footage appears to show Adamescu kicking Archer in the leg while she was handcuffed.

Archer, who was in plain clothes at the time of the incident, then punches Adamescu and kicks her. Adamescu was led away from the scene by another plainclothes officer. Adamescu suffered a swollen face and a concussion from Archer’s punch.

According to the Daily Mail, Adamescu, a white woman, used racial slurs toward Archer, an African-American man, before Archer punched her. Adamescu was also reportedly drunk at the time of the incident.  


A police investigation found that Archer responded excessively to Adamescu’s kick.

“You met this slight woman’s meager schoolyard kick with excessive, unnecessary, and unwarranted use of force,” a police report detailing the investigation read.

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