The 10 Most Annoying Online Habits


Damon Young, writing at Ebony, draws up his list of irritating online behaviors that he says should have been left in 2012.

2013 marks the 15th full year that I've been "aware of" and engaged with the internet. In that time, I've detected many different types of consistent internet behavior, and I'm old enough to be annoyed by more than a few of them. As we enter the new year, here are 10 uber-annoying online habits, behaviors that I hope we can leave behind in 2013. 

1. Leaving Comments to Say You Don't Care About an Article: To the geniuses who feel that the best way to prove they don't care about a subject is to click on an article about it, read the article, log in to leave a comment, and write, edit, and rewrite a 100 word long paragraph explaining exactly why they don't care about the subject … we know you care. 

2. Asking Social Media Instead of Asking Google: The folks who ask social media questions that could be answered by Google are the baby birds of the internet. It's not enough to find food for them. They expect you to break it down, chew it, and spit it into their mouths.

3. Outrage Trolling: I'd believe you were really that "outraged" about that song that rapper made about light-skinned Black women if you weren't just as "angry" yesterday about that article about hair you read on that blog yesterday or if you weren't just as "furious" the day before that about that statement some politician made about grapefruit …


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